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Tender Shoplifting? I Think Not!

Shoplifting, the art of taking merchandise from a store without paying for it, or if I put it in blunt terms; it’s stealing.

Lately, shoplifting has gotten easier and easier. Even though store owners put up security cameras to monitor what is going on throughout the entire store, people still manage to successfully steal. The greatest advantage for shoplifting is for young shoplifters.

Yup, teenage boys and girls have now entered the world of petty crimes.

Teenagers have it easy when it comes to stealing. Many kids walk into stores after-school. They can easily stuff merchandise into their backpacks and purses. Large pocketbooks and huge handbags are the latest craze. Young girls can easily pretend to be looking for something in their purse and slip products in. Large handbags are not the only things that have become popular today; baggy clothing has also become popular as well. Boys like to wear cargo jeans; baggy pants with lots of pockets. These pockets provide places for small items to hide away from the store clerk’s sight.

The generation of tomorrow has a lot of potential. Let’s just hope, for the sake of all store owners that the future of tomorrow uses their talents for something OTHER than shoplifting.



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