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KIXAR Launches The World¹s First Intelligent Social Music Platform for South Asian Music

KIXAR launched with a bang and took South Asian audiences by storm. The notion behind social music applications has dramatically changed the way fans of South Asian music access, listen to and share their favorite tracks.

So what is KIXAR you’re asking? In the simplest of words, it’s a catalog of Bollywood, Bhangra and fusion music in the cloud; the licensed service also merges your current iTunes library into one collection.

Users of KIXAR are able to discover new music, then create unique playlists simply by: search, drag, drop. This unique app cleverly combines the social discovery experience of music with unlimited, on-demand high quality streaming. At the same time, KIXAR allows fans to listen to their personalized playlists on their computer and move to their smartphone seamlessly. KIXAR debuts this week and is currently available by invitation only.

KIXAR was founded by Karm Singh; the  app delivers a revolutionary experience to fans of South Asian music. Singh stated to the press that, “the core focus for KIXAR is to use our next generation technology to give users the best possible way to enjoy music, something which is an integral part of the South Asian experience. It is the first complete and powerful platform for South Asian music.

In a press statement, it was asserted that, “KIXAR’s social media functionality stands out with one-click Facebook and Twitter integration. The social experience is enhanced as users can hit a like button within the app while listening to a song, which automatically shares it on their Facebook profile or tweets it.  This brings together the discovery and sharing of new music into a single effortless action.”

On the same note, Singh stated, “Social features such as Facebook & Twitter integration are really important because being able to instantly share what you’re listening to with your friends makes the music experience much richer.”

And here’s the best part! The service is currently available for free and is expected to be made available to more users later this year.



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