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Clothing Advertisement or Sexual Inuendo

Sex sells.

There’s no lie about that.

Advertising and sex have been tied together since advertising became a big business. The use of sexually suggestive images to sell just about everything really emphasizes the point that sex is a merchandiser’s best friend.

One of the most popular ways of advertising is through magazines. Famous clothing companies and makeup companies use magazines as a perfect way to sell their products. However, advertisements are getting more and more erotic. Nowadays it is getting near impossible to find an advertisement that does not have a double meaning.

Now when it comes to using sex to sell, Victoria’s Secret is #1 at marketing and branding their merchandise because of sex. I don’t think we even need to prove that with an image, but just for all you guys out there, this is what their normal catalog covers look like – yes, you’d be incline to buy something from there for your girl, hoping, that she’ll look at sexy as the cover model…Hmmm….

Now onto a more classy brand that uses ‘sex to sell’ – Dolce & Gabbana.

This advertisement practically screams sexy. Sexy clothes, shiny sweaty skin, sexual body language; the double meaning from this ad is a sexual reference. Dolce & Gabbana could have created an advertisement that was not so sexual; the advertisement could have displayed only the boys. There was no need to add in the girl much less have her being pinned to the floor beneath a boy.

Another example of a sexual ad is the following image:

The main focus of this advertisement are the jeans. Ironically enough, the jeans are barely visible to the eye of the viewer. What I fail to understand is what does a male and female being pictured so physically close have to do with selling a pair of jeans? Why can’t advertisements be simple such as the third image.

The same point is being brought across to the audience. The jeans are the main focus; but this ad is so much more pleasant to the eye. Sadly enough, these types of advertisements are rare to come across. The world as we know it today is a double edged knife; everything we see has a double meaning. We live in sexual times my friend.

Back to “sexual advertisements.” Check out this ad below. By taking a look at the image, do you think you’d be able to say what it’s for?

Well, in case you weren’t able to figure it out, it’s for a vacuum – yes, a vacuum.

That’s right. A company in Germany sells their household appliances, including vacuums, using images of women in fishnets and men tied up. Maybe S and M does something for those looking to purchase a new vacuum? Who knew? In case you missed it, do you see the vacuum in the bottom left corner? Look carefully, or you may miss the point of the ad.

Moving on…take a look at this advertisement! It’s for Renova toilet paper…please, what is SO sexy about toilet paper? Wow, it cleans you – next!

Well Volvo always seems to ‘please’ their drivers – maybe it’s because of ads like this one. Take a good look at the image…

This suggestive advertising is from Volvo, and its titled “We Are Just As Excited As You Are.”

By the way, nice parking brake 😉

Please explain: How is coffee sexy? (left) This next advertisement is for Puma Clothing. I think they just took it a little too far with the whole ‘sex sells’ bit…(right).

Well, that’s just my two cents on the advertising industry. I think some people make sense with their ads and then there are some that just go beyond extremes! And well, I’ve got one more in the bag for you guys…so I figure, why not just leave you with some “food for thought” on this advertisement and you let me know what you think!



One thought on “Clothing Advertisement or Sexual Inuendo

  1. Typically, I figured that if I did not pay attention to these ads, it would have no effect on me. I was clearly mistaken. We are constantly shown these ads via television and print media. I am not suffering low self-esteem and I am content with my body image and how I feel. But I can understand how some of these young girls fall prey to this type of subliminal advertising. They are constantly bombarded with how they should look, what they should wear, what they should do, it just never stops. We are constantly seen as submissive, not in a dominant role, that women are objects. We are better seen and not heard. Women are rarely seen in a lead role always a supporting role. The men are seen as the ruler, the voice of authority and we are meant to be dehumanized. The advertisers truly have a pivotal role in the messages that they convey but evidently sex sells. The advertiser feels no personal responsibility. If more and more people paid attention and stood up, then maybe we would see less and less of this trivial nonsense. Women need to stop being devalued.

    Posted by desisalsa620 | August 23, 2011, 7:25 PM

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