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Inside Look: Designer Sushma Patel

Atlanta-based designer, Sushma Patel, has become a household name when it comes to one of the most prestigious events to take place in Manhattan, Couture Week.

She has been stunning attendees with her ultra-fashionable and modern looks, always including a bit of a desi touch to her designs. Sushma uses vibrant colors, hand-picked fabrics and exceptional embellishments, ultimately showcasing a woman’s true beauty, not just through clothes, but through the woman as well. Trendsetting celebrities such as Sofia Ali Khan, Alex McCord and Lisa Wu (Real Housewives of Atlanta) are hugs fans of Sushma Patel to say the least!

Sushma showcased her first collection upon graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Mumbai. Thereafter, her designs have been presented at Fashion Week events in countries such as France, Romania, Malta, Barbados, as well as, India.

In addition to this, Sushma is one of the few designers who has always had the opportunity to style celebrities walking down the red carpet during the highly celebrated Bollywood Fashion & Music Awards.

This fall, her forthcoming line will be presented on opening night of Couture Week, which will be taking place on September 16-18. And the venue will be the prestigious Waldorf Astoria (Grand Ballroom), located on 301 Park Avenue.

So if you’re ready to get WOW’ed by Sushma Patel this year, we’ll be seeing you at Couture Week!



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