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Kiran's Korner

Kiran’s Korner – Let’s Talk About the MTV VMA’s

The MTV VMA’s aired on Sunday night and I thought that most of the performances were pretty good this year. Almost all of my favorite artists performed at the VMA’s  so imagine my excitement. Lady Gaga kicked off the show with her latest single You and I, Gaga was dressed as her male alter ego character Jo Calderon and at first I didn’t even recognize that it was actually her.

The pop singer performed in character and kept up the act throughout the entire show. Many critics gave mixed reviews to Gaga’s move, I thought it was pretty brilliant even though I was hoping to see Lady Gaga top off her former outrageous outfits. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing plenty of crazy outfits by Gaga at her upcoming appearances and events so I’m not worried. If you missed this epic performance, click on the link below and check out her teaser!

A lot of fans were eagerly waiting to see Adele perform at the VMA’s as well. Adele’s performance was just phenomenal. This 23 year old British singer took over the show with her heartfelt performance of Someone like you. Her melodic voice and soulful lyrics were enough to amaze the audience full of big stars and fans. Adele’s simple performance carried a big bang which was one of the most popular twitter topics that night. Timbaland tweeted, “Adele is dope”. That she is and beyond, wish I can just hear her sing all day. Her voice just picks you up and puts you at complete surrender. I loved the performance so much that I had to share it again.

The VMA’s gave a tribute to late singer Amy Winehouse and what better person to perform Valerie than soulful singer Bruno Mars? I’ve grown to love Bruno Mars’ voice and was completely impressed by his high energy performance at the VMA’s. Do you guys agree that he did a great job as well? Check it out at the link below.

Last but not least, I want to discuss the mommy to be Beyonce. Beyonce’s performance and live announcement of her being pregnant that night set off a twitter record of 9,000 tweets per second. Beyonce’s beautiful and classy performance of her song Love on top was exactly what we expect from her. She looked amazing in a purple sparkly tuxedo jacket, black pants, and a white tuxedo shirt. Even though she is pregnant, Beyonce was still rocking six inch heels. What a performance it was, one could see the true beauty and happiness in Beyonce’s every lyric and dance move while daddy-to-be Jay-Z was also in the audience, smiling proudly.  Unfortunately, everyone that posted the video of her performance was forced to take it down due to violations towards Viacom, but here’s a link where you can view the video in case you missed it!

These were my favorite performances of the night, what were yours? Thanks for checking out Kiran’s Korner! Peace and Love. 



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