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Spinnin’ With DJ Shivvy

In between studying for Nursing School exams, DJing for Britney Spears, and preparing for one of the big events alongside RDB & Nindy Kaur, Lomattic, and Sunny Brown, Shivas Gilotra…aka…DJ Shivvy, has a lot on his plate!

But that’s what makes him one of the most sought after DJs in the New Orleans area! He’s got the fun personality to keep people dancing all night long and the brains to back it up! Before DJ Shivvy starts planning for big gigs this coming weekend, I got to spend sometime talking to him about how be got involved in his industry and much more!

DJ Shivvy, it’s a pleasure to chat with you; so tell us, how did you get involved with the music industry?
Since pretty much always I have had a niche for music. I have always felt that music can bring you to a place where you are at either utter serenity or complete bliss. As far as joining the music industry, for over 4 years I have DJed little parties from my laptop, provided CDs for random other events and whatnot; it wasn’t until October 2007 that I really joined a company, Ooh La La Music Company as “New Orleans Desi DJ” and started picking up all the Indian weddings, parties, etc that I currently DJ.

Who has inspired you to be where you are today?
Amazing artists such as RDB who started as DJs and now are at a level where I could only imagine being are a true inspiration in my life. Other people whom I look up to in this industry are not the big DJs that everyone knows and has frenzies about when they see them (although I think that would be a fun experience); I really think that it is the local DJs that are an inspiration to me. These are the ones that people do know and respect as DJs but who also have another job or school to support them but still make time for keeping up with the current music and making parties as fun and exciting as they can be.

Are there any artists in the mainstream media whom you would like to work with in the
I don’t think that I am picky about who I would like to work with in the future, any celebrity would be very cool to work with. If I had a preference I would have to say the legends like Shah Rukh, Amithab, Kajol, and Aishwaria would be really fun to work with on or off screen. Also Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Amir Khan, and the list can go on and on.

What are some big parties that you have DJed for?
I have DJed multiple desi weddings in the New Orleans area, hence the title New Orleans Desi DJ. As far as local parties, I have DJed for some of the local high rollers in the Greater New Orleans and surrounding areas.

What makes you unique from other DJ’s?
I honestly am not a big fan of rivalry among DJs and entertainers. I think that we are all a big family and if I don’t get a job that someone else did, then I should be proud of them. I f I had to be specific about what makes me different from other DJs is that I am a commodity in the New Orleans area in that I am the one person that 90% of the city knows and furthermore knows will make a good show. That being said, locally, I am very active in the Indian community so I know that if there is a big party here, I have the best chance of being involved.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from
Actually I am in Nursing School as LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. In five years, I see myself graduated with not only a Bachelors of Science in Nursing, but also with a Masters in Business Administration. I wish to be working in the administration at a hospital with a heavy influence on nursing care in pediatric oncology. Also, I wish to continue DJing as I find that it relaxes me and keeps stress in my life down. I love music, and I want to keep it an active part of my life.

Tell us about one of your most memorable experiences as a DJ in New Orleans!!!!
In New Orleans, the most memorable experience that I have had thus far was being asked to assist DJ for the pop Princess, Britney Spears. Over NYE 08-09 she had her NYE party collaborated with her brother’s wedding reception in New Orleans, and although I declined for personal reasons, it was a really cool to be asked to help DJ such a party.

How did you get involved with Bravura Magazine and do you have any last words for your
Bravura fans??
Two words…Tirusha Dave! She is not only a good friend of mine, but also RDB & Nindy Kaur’s, and hopefully one day…my publicist. To the fans…just keep reading…and make sure that you take care of yourselves! Stay in School until you get what you truly want and need to survive!



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