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8 Steps to Healthy Nails!

How is it that your nails have the most bacteria? Is that why your mom yelled at you every time your finger was in your mouth, and your teeth were grinding against those filthy nails? Well the reason behind that is that we are constantly using our hands throughout the day with the various activities that are carried out which include going to the bathroom, opening doors, switching on the light, and many other activities.

Therefore, gradually bacteria and other germs build up causing other illnesses or diseases within the human body. Also our bodies host a variety of microorganisms, some of which are beneficial to us. These microorganisms also include bacteria and fungi. Fungal infections are caused by microscopic plants that live in our skin and on the dead tissue of our hair and nails. So in order to prevent any nail diseases or other problems lets look into some tips for nail care.

Nail tips will provide helpful information about taking care of your nails. All it requires is 15 to 20 minutes of your time each week and nothing more. Listed are some important tips that should be considered when treating your nails.

1. Let’s start with doing a manicure on your nails. One should do it after taking a shower, bath, or after washing the dishes. This is because these activities remove the dirt from under the nail.

2. Nail polish thinner can be used to thin out the nail polish that has become too thick. Keep the polish in the refrigerator to make it last longer.

3. Try not to use nail polish remover more than once a week. This is because it causes the nails to dry out. Dry nails crack and split more easily than nails that are well hydrated or moisturized.

4. After washing your hands, always apply a cream or lotion. This will prevent the hands and nails from drying out from soaps and cleansers. One should try to keep the hands and cuticles well lubricated with a moisturized such as Vaseline, Aquapor, or Moisturel.

5. You should also use an oil or moisturizer at bedtime every night.

6. The cuticle is the skin that grows from the finger onto the base of the nail (nail root). It’s recommended that the cuticle not be pushed back because leaving the cuticle intact helps to prevent infection of the nail growing tissue.

7. Shape the nail using a file or emery board. File each nail from corner to center, do not file in a see-saw motion with the entry board because doing so can cause ridges in the nail and also cause nail splitting.

8. Soak the hands in warm, soapy water after filing to remove dirt. Clean under free edge of nail with an orangewood stick.



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