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Kiran’s Korner – New Music – The Truth – Jaan Jayegi

This is Kiran back at it and I’ve got a new artist to introduce many of you to: The Truth.

The Truth said that he, “started getting into the urban music scene aged around 13-14 when growing up in East London, looking up to those underground unsigned garage and 2 step artists. It wasn’t until I started school in North West London that the underground urban scene heavily influenced me and I decided to take part.”

It was then in 2001, while The Truth was in college that he and a friend started a music group called, A.B.C., (Asian Black Connection). And with much determination and persistence, his college finally allowed them to have their own radio station. Soon after, A.B.C. became regulars on Stanmore College Radio and due to the success of the college radio A.B.C started doing guest spots on Freeze Fm.

In 2010 he released his debut single, Kya Karoon. Radio stations nationwide have been supporting the track and increasing it’s popularity. The video has also been well received by the industry and features cameo appearances from various artists. Slowly and steadily it was events such as these which lead to The Truth’s career today.

And now The Truth has released his latest music video entitled, Jaan Jayegi. This track features the highly talented vocalist, Mehi, and it is produced by Bobby Wonda. The track brings together a refreshing sound of catchy Hindi choruses, mixed with the amazing delivery from The Truth, effortlessly mixing together with the rhythm created by Wonda.

And don’t just take my words for it! Check out the music video below! Drop us a line and let us know what you think of The Truth and his tunes: music@BravuraMagazine.com!

Till then…this is Kiran!



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