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Designer Line – KAVI KAVI

KAVI KAVI is derived from the middle names of the twin sisters Dipika Kavita Gupta and Ravika Kavery Gupta. The twins showed interest in fashion at a very young age. Since the age of 7, head designer Dipika worked side by side with her mother in sewing and designing. She sported her own creations to school and consequently sold her first pair of pants at the age of 12 to a classmate. Ever since, it has been a dream of Dipika to establish her own Fashion House.

To compliment her natural talent, Dipika went to attain technical skills in Fashion Designing at George Brown College, in Toronto. Upon graduation in 2002, Dipika started her own Purse Line, which sold on Queen Street West in Toronto. Ravika joined forces alongside Dipika and together they create Kavi Kavi’s unique Seasonal Lines.

2011 has been a big year for these two talented sisters. Just a few days ago, Dipika and Ravika were stars of the night as they had their own event for Fashion’s Night Out, hosted by VOGUE.

Check out a little teaser of what these two talented Divas have in store for 2012! And it won’t be too long till these girls are all over the fashion scene!!



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