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Top 5 Wedding Dress Styles of 2011

As 2011 comes to an end, the one thing that people are thinking about are trends, trends, and trends. One of the trends we thought we would share with you are wedding dress trends! So if you’re a bride-to-be, or have a friend that’s getting married, this is one article that you’ll want to share with them! The first style we’ve got lined up for you are ruffles. As sassy as they sound; they are elegant and look lovely on any bride. If you want to create an impact, then ruffles is truly the way you would want to go.

When it comes to ruffles, the designer we pick is Jenny Lee. She’s the designer, founder and creative director of Jenny Lee Inc., is inspired by femininity in its truest form. Since 2007, the Jenny Lee Brand went full force in the continental USA and internationally in Latin America (Costa Rica), Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and Canada.

Next we have on the list are styles from the 1950’s. Even though the 50’s are years behind us, the look us still chic, savvy, and very stylish. The designer we picked was Justin Alexander Bridal who designs mid-to-high end wedding gowns. His looks are inspired by vintage 1950’s and ’60’s fashion.

The next style we have include asymmetrical seams. In the past few years, they’ve become very popular. Over the course of the years, Benjamin Roberts has become a leader in the bridal gown scene. His designs are beautifully detailed, superbly cut to really fit and really flatter, every dress in every collection in the BR portfolio is a dream dress come true!

The next type of dress which has really made an impact on the bridal gown scene are ones with flowers embellished on them. The designer we’ve picked is Ritva Westenius; she’s been on the forefront of bridal design for over 30 years in which time she has grown to iconic status in the industry as well. Just take a look at one of her amazing designs below and you’ll see why we love her style so much!

Fifth on the list of top trends for 2011 are bows. And when it comes to bows, the one we turn to is none other than Vera Wang. Wang collaborates with some of the biggest names across the world, with over 200 employees, and becoming the queen of couture bridal attire. Wang easily adds the look of a bow on any gown and takes it’s style to an entirely new level!

So there you have it brides-to-be! We’ve given you the top five wedding gown trends of 2011! Happy wedding planning! We’re also looking for brides-to-be who want to feature their weddings, so if you’re interested, please E-mail us: contact@BravuraMagazine.com! Congrats and enjoy this period…it only gets better as you step forward into a new life of love & happiness!



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