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A Model’s Grace

For all you aspiring models out there, I’m sure you all knew that this past weekend was Couture Fashion Week and of course, Bravura Magazine was there to cover the event and bring back the latest scoop for all you lovely people!

Couture Fashion Week began on Friday and went till Sunday. There were three shows in each day with different designers showing off their elegant and/or edgy designer creations on a runway show. Some clothes took my breath away while others left me scratching my head not knowing what to think of it; but let me get back to the real topic at hand here: modeling.

Don’t worry there will be plenty of news from Couture Week coming soon, but I had to share my two cents with everyone! Now I’m not a model; however, there were some things which I noticed some of the models doing on the runway that seemed a bit off to me. So here are some tipds to keep in mind via yours truly:

1. Tattoos
From what I know and from I have heard, it’s important for models to have clean skin the reason being that tattoos would take attention away from the dress and decrease the professionalism of the model. There were many models during Fashion Week that had tattoos littering their bodies; some on their back, shoulders, arms, and legs. Here is one that our Editor-in-Chief got as digital proof.

I can’t speak for other viewers that were there, but my attention was more focused on the butterfly tattoo on her lower back that peeked out of the dress than on the dress itself.

2. Bellybutton piercings
I’m a huge fan of naval piercings (I’ll be getting one soon, but shhhhhhh, it’s a secret). However, when it comes to modeling I’m pretty sure that body piercings are a huge “No-No.” Now I’m happy to say that there weren’t too many models that had their belly buttons pierced…and if there were, it was covered by the designer’s clothes. However, there was one model that was showcasing a 2-piece dress that showed off her tummy. I’ll be honest; I don’t really remember what the dress looked like because I was too busy gawking at her stomach. I’ll be honest again; that was a really nice bellybutton ring, silver with big diamond. But that bellybutton ring was all I saw when she came down the runway. Yeah…not too professional on the model’s part.

3. Tan lines
Kind of like my reasoning with bellybutton rings and tattoos; tan lines draw immediate attention. The attention of night is supposed to be focused on the designer’s dress. It is pretty hard for someone to concentrate on a beautiful dress when there are bikini tan lines on the model. Makes me wonder where she went on vacation and how long she had to stay out in the sun to get such an amazing tan.

4. Colored Undergarments
Now this tip is a little something that I picked up from watching America’s Next Top Model. (Yes, I watch reruns when there is nothing else to watch). Always wear nude colored undergarments that will blend in with your skin tone. Want to know why? See for yourself.

Hello! Your Honor…I rest my case!

5. Fitting of Clothes
Now you guys might think I’m being silly by saying this, but I can’t tell you how many models weren’t fitted properly during the show.

  1. See what I mean?? Poor thing had to hold up the dress because it kept falling down.6. Facial ExpressionsKeep a serious face and smile with your eyes!
    I can imagine what some people in the crowd are thinking:
    “Someone doesn’t look like she wants to be there.”
    “She looks like she is about to cry.”
    “She’s not happy.”

So smile…or at least try not to look miserable.

7. Shoes
Shoes are an important asset of every fashion show; no model is going to want to walk down a runway barefoot. Keeping that in mind however, please make sure that you are going to be able to walk in those shoes. The reason I am saying this is because Saturday night, a model fell down a few seconds after she stepped onto the runway. She could not stand back up by herself; she needed two stage managers to come out and assist her in getting back on her own two feet. Check it out:

This is definitely not a laughing matter. Au contraire, it is quite the opposite. She could have seriously hurt herself. The shoes she was wearing had such a high platform that it was easy to lose balance. I give her brownie points for attempting to walk in them; those shoes are monstrous! This tip goes out to all women, not just models, please…please…PLEASE wear shoes that you are comfortable in and feel confident walking in.

*Sigh* Couture Fashion Week is over for this year, but there is always next year to look forward to! Each year gets better than the previous, meaning more bling, glitz, glamour, and high fashion. For all you aspiring models out there…I hope to see you strutting down that runway at next year’s Couture Fashion Week!



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