Kiran’s Korner

Kiran Kaur is no stranger to the Desi entertainment scene. She is the President of GdeepMusic LLC; her husband is the famous American-Desi singer/songwriter G-Deep. Many of her written press articles discussing G-Deep’s new projects have been published by many South Asian websites. Having been a part of a Bhangra Team during college years, Kiran has a strong love and appreciation for the performing arts. She has worked as a model/actress in a handful of music videos and also is a part time celebrity interviewer at major South Asian TV Networks. She’s interviewed legendary Punjabi Sufi artist Satinder Sartaj, Bhangra King Malkit Singh, and famous Indian Fashion Designer Sagar Mehra. As if doing all this wasn’t enough, Kiran has worked as the Production Manager / Casting director at most of G-Deep’s music video sets. Now, Kiran has decided to join the Bravura Magazine team and share her love for music, entertainment, and fashion with the rest of the world. Readers can look forward to Kiran’s Korner where she’ll write about topics ranging from new music releases to movie reviews to hottest new fashion trends and much more.



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