The “Write” Stuff

You’ve read their stories! You’ve enjoyed their thoughts! Now it’s time to meet the people with the “write” touch who’ve helped to establish Bravura Magazine over the years as your go-to source for all things music, Bollywood, Hollywood, fashion, lifestyle & more!

Kiran Kaur is no stranger to the Desi entertainment scene. She is the President of GdeepMusic LLC; her husband is the famous American-Desi singer/songwriter G-Deep. She has worked as a model/actress in a handful of music videos and also is a part time celebrity interviewer at major South Asian TV Networks. She’s interviewed legendary Punjabi Sufi artist Satinder Sartaj, Bhangra King Malkit Singh, and famous Indian Fashion Designer Sagar Mehra. Now, Kiran has decided to join the Bravura Magazine team and share her love for music, entertainment, and fashion with the rest of the world. Readers can look forward to Kiran’s Korner where she’ll write about topics ranging from new music releases to movie reviews to hottest new fashion trends and much more. Contact Kiran on Facebook!

Gloria Collazo was definitely Desi in her past life…or one of them! She has a passion for Indian culture and appreciates the best of both worlds! In her column, Desi Salsa, you’ll get some of the best Bollywood reviews, from a Puerto Rican point of view! And don’t be surprised if you get a few restaurant ratings & reviews throughout the site, because she’ll share all her thoughts with you! She crisp, blunt, and to the point, and we love all those qualities and more about Gloria! So keep reading more in Desi Salsa! Contact Gloria on Facebook!

Monica Patel began her writing path with Bravura Magazine as an intern while she attended The University of Rochester, New York. As an intern she focused on Health & Wellness. Now she takes her writing skills to another level, focusing on more which affects your lifestyle: keeping your nails healthy, the important of a morning meal and many more ‘healthy’ topics! Contact Monica on Facebook!

Anjali Mathur, also a native of Rochester, New York, is a new addition to the Bravura family! Her love for music, fashion & entertainment is what fulled her gravitational force towards us! She’s spunky, funny and loves to throw in sarcastic quirks into her articles! Be sure to read more about what Anjali has to offer in her Ask Anjali column coming soon! Contact Anjali on Facebook!

So who is McKenna Franchik? Best to find out from her only! “Readers, friends, and Bravura enthusiasts: I’m McKenna and I’m the new Bravura Intern! Eek, I can hardly contain myself. I’m a senior at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill studying Media Production and Film. When I’m not writing or doing schoolwork, I read, watch more movies than should be socially acceptable, and spend time with good friends. I’ve always had an interest in fashion, travel, and entertainment so Bravura is the perfect home.” So what is McKenna all about! Keep reading her articles to learn more about her! Contact McKenna on Facebook!

Rahul Patel is a regional sales manager for financial firm from Mumbai and believe it or not…he’s a movie buff too! In his column Mumbai Masala, he’ll review Bollywood movies and rate them in scale of 1-5… 5 being the best. Watch out for crisp and to-the-point reviews. 🙂 Contact Rahul on Facebook!



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